Thursday, May 05, 2016

Kangy's pouch of hocus pocus

Most of my friends who know me well by now, know how much I dig some spicy celebrity gossip. Bollywood might pale in comparison to it's Hollywood counterparts when it comes to outrageously unbelievable and colorful tales, but it's slowly but surely catching up to Hollyweird. (as some say!) 

The Kangana-Hrithik controversy has become such a spectacle that it could give all the Kardashians and Jenners of the world a run for their money. 

Initially, I was convinced that Hrithik is the lying and peeping Tom in this episode.....until the case started to take a murkier turn much like Kangana's own mop, rather haze of endlessly crazy curls. I placed my bets on Hrithik given his recent past record - the Kareena/ Barbara Mori link ups, Suzanne walking out of their marriage, him playing the field post his divorce. And add to the fact, how conscious he is of his image, lineage and reputation. Kangana, on the other hand, has this reputation of being a free-sprited, fearless, eccentric wild child, home wrecker/home breaker, attention seeker, controversy Queen etc. It wasn't exactly unbelievable to think the two did indeed have an affair. And that, Kangana is the truthful one. I almost gave the 'guilty as charged' chit to the hunky Hrithik.

Until the case progressed and it was Hrithik who was cooperating with the cops all along, providing them all the evidences and facts against Kangana. From the desperate one-sided emails to the provocative selfies, Hrithik was doing his bit. Kangana, on the other hand, refuses to part with her laptop, or show any evidence or proof showing Hrithik's reciprocation of her crazed emails, and worse still, claims her laptop crashed and so did all evidences against Hrithik. And funnily enough, begs for personal space after starting the fire herself. What completely tattered her projected super-hero cape of truthfulness and honesty was her cheap tactic of using a photo-shopped cozy image of Hrithik and herself. Not only did Hrithik's lawyers bust that bubble of yet another lie of hers with the true, unedited pictures, his ex-wife Suzanne vouched for Hrithik's honesty. Finally, then comes out of nowhere, the final nail in the coffin - Adhyayan's testimony. The naive 20's something yr old went on to spill all the beans there could be in a no holds bar interview. The lad finally found his opportunity to vent the torture, humiliation and horrors he had to undergo as a love-lorn lover boy and make that much needed emotional closure for himself. The fact that Aditya Pancholi's wife walked out of the house, along with their daughter after his reaction to Adhyayan's revelation and Kangana proudly accepting that she is fascinated with witch craft and sees nothing wrong in its practice gives Adhyayan's version some credibility. It's also a first of sorts, bringing to the fore front, the much neglected issue of male harassment and abuse by women. 

Trust Kangana not to cow down in mounting opposition pressure and she doesn't let you down. With her fellow partner in crime, Ms. Barkha Dutt at her aid and by her side, she comes out of her silence in her trademark style. The feminist/ woman card is conveniently flashed to gun down any opposition. A jilted lover whose male ego is bruised is to be blamed. 'If they can't have you, they might as well destroy you' her own words referring to Adhyayan. She isn't apologetic neither for her carnal desires nor her witch-craft. As a matter of fact, she isn't apologetic for anything while she pondered and rued with a lost 'babe-in-the-woods' look, if she genuinely lacked a vital social quality that offended so many people, all at the same time. How tragic it would have been if it were not for Barkha Dutt to offer her shoulders for comfort in true womanly solidarity against the vile male establishment. What was glaringly evident in this staged, propagandist interview of sorts was how one-sided it was in it's approach. Barkha Dutt seemed more like a thickly, supportive girlfriend rather than an interviewer who should be doing her job of asking counter and combative questions. Question balls such as lack of substantial evidence or proof from Kangana's side, the photoshopped cozy picture, the allegations of the use of witchcraft to destroy someone as claimed by an ex/parents etc. should have been thrown in her side of the court instead of painting this story with a 'male vs female' color shade. It is a well-known secret that some celebs all over the world take aid in astrology, tarots and witch craft to attain their goals of success, money and fame. While in some beliefs/cultures, Witch craft is frowned upon, it is embraced in some others like say, the ancient Kabbalah etc. So, Kangana's witch craft or carnal appetites are not the bone of contention as much as her deliberate propagation of lies and intently manipulative allegations leveled against a Bollywood superstar to propel her own vested interest and agenda. 

This is why Feminism (the kind propagated by the media/celebs in the business), as the solution outlet, in this particular incident is a big, clear FAIL. Where clearly the woman in question, Kangana is still to prove even a single of her allegations with factual evidences or witnesses! And instead harps on success being a sweet revenge,  on those out to tarnish her, while proudly embracing the tags of 'whore', ' witch', 'psychopath' by the misogynist establishment. 

Here's my opinion before the court gives it's final verdict - Hrithik might be no saint but in this particular case, I truly feel he is the victim and quite a putty in the hands of a highly calculative woman. A woman who is desperately seeking to be publically linked with a Greek god-like A-lister amidst the Pancholis, Dutts, Devgans, Sumans etc with some random, faceless British scientist thrown in there to make an eclectic, heady narcotic mix of lovers . Yes, I think Kangana is a highly manipulative, discerningly charming, ruthlessly ambitious woman to the point of being cold and destructive of anyone who gets in her path to success. Without a doubt, she is talented and exceptional in certain genres of roles. If the National Award has reaffirmed her credibility as a great actress, this ongoing controversy has proven that Kangana is just as fabulous and convincing as an actress offscreen as well. Without a doubt, she is a very successful actress and success speaks in a similar fashion as money does. 

But, Success is no excuse for one's misdeeds and neither does it validate them. She is consumed in self-glorification. When have you really seen her give credit to her team and others for her success? She's always blowing her own trumpet and belting out the same old 'I, Me, Myself' song in an interview after the another.  She is so voraciously driven by her hunger and thirst for success to the point where there is no space in her gut for an ethical, moral compass. A compass to clearly distinguish the right from the wrong. As my Mom always says, 'In today's world, everything is right. Tell me what is wrong.' It is true we live in a highly materialistic world where success is measured only in terms of wealth, status, fame and power and virtually none on ethics, principles, moral values and character. 

Much like in today's Hollywood, where a Kim Kardashian equates baring it all and breaking the Internet to some sort of ultimate woman empowerment or an excessively narcisstic Kanye West, proudly proclaiming himself to be Yeezus or God. That's the direction and kind of celebrities, Bollywood is surely heading towards to and churning out. Kangana has already paved and shown the path to other women who are enamored by her boldness, attention seeking shows of spectacle and fascinated by this whole media propagated concept of New Age feminism.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in being ambitious or driven or successful. Success is good, particularly, when it's fruits are relished, credited and shared humbly with a grateful spirit with those who aided you in your path/journey up there. The fruits of Success is bitter when you owe nothing to any one. Finally, worse still, Success is rotten when you set out to destroy those who were on your side the likes of the once 'hopelessly in love' with you ( Jr. Suman) and one who gave you not one but two opportunities in their home production (Jr.Roshan) etc. 

Like all opinions, I stand a chance ending up being plainly wrong after the court's verdict. While I might not be so certain about my opinion just as yet, I am quite sure about this - Like a mighty Kangaroo with a pouch full of mystic spells and tricks of hocus-pocus, Kangy baby will still be leaping evasively and triumphantly from one post to another with gay abandon, without any care for the world and the court's judgement notwithstanding. 


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shriparna mulaokar said...

Love the way you have put across the facts of the situation. An absolutely engrossing read for all bollywood lovers.

Tina Sequeira said...

Thank you Dad! Keep reading and providing your constructive feedback!

Tina Sequeira said...

Heyyyy Shriparna! Yes, and the case gets unsolved till date. But yes, it most definitely is for Bollywood lovers like us. Keep reading and posting your constructive feedback!